Our Platform Can . . . And Yours?

Slide Sorter

Give us a PowerPoint deck with complex business rules and a cover slide that merges the speaker's information- We can install it in the slide sorter within one hour


Interactive Chart

Gorgeous interactive charts that can be downloaded inside a PowerPoint slide


Complex Excel Reports

Give us an Excel report with charts, formulas, merged cells, pretty fonts and shading, ect. We'll add the report to our platform so that it always has real time data


Electronic Signatures

Everybody has the iPad sign-in module but who else can merge those signatures into the Word doc sign-in sheet


Venue Directory

Give us a zip-to-territory file and we'll show you the approved venues within a 10-mile radius


Speaker / Event Map

We like mapping. We'll color the country according to regions and give you a nice drilldown with mouseovers


Government Debarment Checks

Other vendors just try to remain compliant. We do fuzzy searches to ensure a bad apple doesn't get through because someone misspelled a name


Text search of docs and pdfs

Need to find a receipt? Just do a search - We'll get it for you