Pricing Models

Open, Fixed, and Platform-Only Pricing - No Surprises

We offer two staffing plans - Dedicated Staff and Shared Staff. We offer fixed pricing for maintenance and custom development. We hoard the corporate credit card benefits for pass-through expenses. And we offer clients the option of just licensing the platform. That's it!


Dedicated Staff

We strongly recommend Dedicated Staff for bureaus of 1000+ events per year. The client ONLY pays for the staff he uses, plus maintenance/development fees and out-of-pocket costs. There are NO program fees, cancellation fees, or minimum gaurantees. The staff is dedicated and trained for that client. Management and overhead are included in the pricing.


The average program coordinator can manage 20-40 events per month depending on the level of support needed per event. However, our staff is not average. We recruit top-notch personnel, train them to leverage our highly automated platform to its maximum benefit, and reward our personnel with compensation above industry norms. Our staff can manage 30-60 events per month.


Pricing - Dedicated Staff

For a typical bureau of 3,000 events, we recommend a staffing of 6 dedicated coordinators. That translates to an average administrative cost of $330 per event, versus an industry average of $600.


Pricing - Shared Staff

We know there's no such thing as "standard" but it's a good place to start. For bureaus of fewer than 1,000 events per year, we recommend shared staffing. In a shared staffing model, coordinators manage multiple bureaus but the platform is still customized for its brand. For shared staff, we offer a per event pricing model.


Startup - Maintenance

We customize the platform for each client. To launch a new platform, we require the following:

Additionally, we require the following items but they are not critical to initiating development:

Upon receipt of all items, we can do a soft launch within 30 days.

Startup - $50,000 +$5,000 for each additional brand

Licensing/Maintenance - $3,500/month + $500/month for each additional brand

Additional Development - Budgeted at $190/hour