Jennifer DelPercio

President, Founder

Jennifer has twenty years of project management experience in a broad cross-section of industries including finance, insurance, marketing, and real estate. Her first technology project was a global corporate intranet in the 90's for Interpublic Group of Companies. Under her leadership, Trifusion Solutions has evolved from an interactive agency to a business solutions company.

Joey Warren

SVP, Client Services

During the '90's dot-com boom, Joey built websites for American Express Publishing, Readers Digest, and Schering-Plough. The world has changed quite a bit since then but Joey's focus remains the same - user experience and confidence in the solution.

Ming Yao

Chief Technology Officer

Ming was a coder for over a dozen years before becoming CTO. His specialty is upgrading legacy systems and integrating independent technologies for custom solutions. Under his leadership, Trifusion Solutions has expanded into mobile and distributed computing.