It All Began in 2002 . . .

We were tasked with moving a large speakers bureau for Johnson & Johnson from Microsoft Access to a web-based solution. At the time, our platform was revelutionary, moving from a spreadsheet to an online interactive customized solution. But it was never enough.

Over time, we kept adding features, anticipaing industry trends, sometimes getting a little too far ahead, as when we rolled out our mobile solution and predictive anaylytic tools.

While our competitors were banking profits and extending the lifecycles of their legacy systems, we discarded our platform and built something new. Then we did it again.

Today . . .

ASPIRE is our Automated Speakers Platform with Integrated Reporting and Engagement. It is the absolute best speakers bureau platform and keeps getting better.

As a company, Trifusion Solutions leverages our technical expertise and vast experience to offer spectacular service at highly competitive rates.

Simply put, we offer the best technology at the best price.

We Welcome You to . . .

Test our platform and compare our rates. In the spirit of transparency, we have placed our company's technology and rates online. No registration. No surprises.

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